La memoria y el perdón

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Editorial: Herder Editorial
ISBN: 9788425427534
Publicación: 11/2010
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Editorial: Herder Editorial
ISBN: 9788425427718
Publicación: 09/2011
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¿Es posible perdonar? ¿Es lo mismo perdonar que olvidar? ¿Quién puede hacerlo? ¿Sirve para algo?¿Qué tienen que ver justicia y memoria? ¿Es bueno el rencor?

Este libro investiga a fondo todas estas cuestiones, su historia y sus marcos de significado. Si el perdón es un tipo de novedad normativa que tiene que ver con la memoria, ésta nunca funciona sin un trasfondo valorativo. Así pues, memoria y perdón son dos caras de una misma moneda aunque cada uno se apoye en valores distintos.

En España, el tema de la memoria está abierto, palpita. Y tiene en el perdón a su contrario: la memoria del mal realizado produce todavía miedo y resentimiento. Estudiarlo y aplicarle la frialdad del análisis es obligatorio porque no sólo aquí estamos faltos de perdón, ahora su necesidad

es mundial.

Memory and forgiveness

Memory and forgiveness [La memoria y el perdón]

Is it possible to forgive? Is forgiving the same as forgetting? Who is able to forgive? Does it serve any purpose? What do justice and memory have to do with it? Is it good to be resentful? This book investigates these issues thoroughly, their history and their frames of meaning. If forgiveness is a kind of new rule that has to do with memory, it never works without an evaluative background. Thus, memory and forgiveness are two sides of the same coin, each relying on different values. In Spain, memory is an open, throbbing issue. Forgiveness is its opposite: the memory of evil done still produces fear and resentment. It is necessary to study it and subject it to cold analysis, because forgiveness is not only lacking here, but is now a global necessity.

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Amelia Valcárcel is Professor of Moral and Political Philosophy at the UNED National Distance Education University and an Elective Member of the Spanish Council of State. An editor and the author of more than a dozen books, chapters in collectively authored works and articles, she has twice been a finalist for the Spanish National Essay Prize with her books Hegel y la Ética [Hegel and Ethics] (1987) and Del miedo a la Igualdad [From Fear to Equality] (1993). She currently leads the Research Project Ethics, religion and feminine norms.

She is a member of several Boards (Fundación Carolina, Real Instituto Elcano), Editorial Boards, Juries, Commissions and Sponsors. She has chaired and directed numerous national and international courses and seminars, and collaborated in doctoral programmes in Spanish and Latin American universities, the UIMP, the Centre for Constitutional Studies and the General Council of the Judiciary. She is also an advisor to the United Nations on Gender Policy.