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El banquet amagat


The present book is written in both a pastoral spirit and purpose. Priest Rovira explains that he observes a current tendency in our society in which the Christian message is received as an interesting narrative that is related to truth but is no longer perceived as the truth.
At least it doesn’t function any longer as a truth that executes such a strength, that it’s able to influence and take over our whole comprehension, our capacity to get to know and to love, that is able to truly engage the human being.
This book wants to modestly bring back parts of the probability of this original narrative.
The author invites us to follow his arguments following him through passages of the bible. The further we read, the more we discover the huge capacities of the Christian narrative to engage us, and to convince us of his absolute generosity.

As we read, we re-discover what faith really means: to believe in the existence of God and to understand that he constantly communicates with us. That he knocks at the door of our hearts waiting for us to open up and let him in.
The Christian life turns out to be a secret encounter with God. This is the last Supper: a hidden feast with the most intimate aspects of God,
A supper with Christ, in which he sits at the head of the table, being our servant. And his constant love is the meal of this banquet.


Josep Maria Rovira Belloso (Barcelona, 1926) is graduated in Law at the University of Barcelona (1948) and post graduated with a PhD in Theology at the Pontifical Gregoriana University of Roma (1960).
After being ordained in 1953, the priest dedicated his whole life to the parochial actions.  
He was a senior professor at the Department of Theology of Catalonia (1964-1996), and member of various distinctive clerical boards.
As an appreciation of his theological and cultural path the Catalan government honored him with the cross of Saint George in 1999.
He is one of the principal representatives of modern Catalan theology and he published around one hundred articles and twenty books.

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