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El porvenir de la religión

Fe, humanismo y razón


The future of religion is a bright essay in which the sociologist Salvador Giner analyses with equanimity how the future of believing in the supernatural and the presence of god will look like. His inquiry goes beyond a sociology of religion, because even though he funds his arguments on secular ground, he never ignores the arguments of believers.
His essay has the purpose to widen our knowledge about the religious dimension in our contemporary days, given the fact that serious conflicts and cultural migrations transform our economic and political universe and our everyday lives. The purpose of this essay is to broaden our knowledge about the current religious dimension of mankind.
This book offers a new, original, but at the same time rational perception of the faith and empowers the intends to dialogue between different beliefs and convictions.    


Salvador Giner (Barcelona, 1934). He earned his PhD of sociology at the University of Chicago and took courses at the university of Colonia and Cambridge. He worked as a professor at different universities in the UK such as Cambridge, Reading, Lancaster and West London.
In 1989, he became senior professor of the department of the department of sociology at the University of Barcelona. He was the president of the Spanish Association of Sociology, director of the Center for advanced Social Studies (CSIC) and from 2005 to 2013 president of the Institute of Catalan Studies.
He published several books that have been translated in various languages.

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