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Globalización y salud mental


Globalisation and mental health [Globalización y salud mental]

This set of texts explores the impact of globalisation on the inhabitants of the wealthy world, from different perspectives, but with a psychological focus. Mental distress is over-stimulated by the society in which we live, to the point where the certainties of yesterday, at times very restrictive, disappear and leave us with harrowing uncertainties: love, family, education, etc. have all changed their style. We have more, but do not seem any happier. Problems that have been studied for some time, like depression, body cult, addiction and couple violence, and "new" forms of suffering like fibromyalgia, narcissism and Ulysses Syndrome, are all analysed from a current perspective.

Antoni Talarn (Barcelona, 1959), a doctor in psychology, a psychotherapist and a specialist in Clinical Psychology. He worked in the Neuropsychopharmacology laboratory at San Pablo Hospital and was resident physician of the Puigvert Foundation's clinical psychology service. He is a senior lecturer in psychopathology at the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Barcelona.

He is the author of numerous articles in specialist journals and has published La consulta en Psicología Clínica [Consultation in Clinical Psychology], Manual de Psicopatología Clínica [Manual of Clinical Psychopathology], Sandor Ferenczi, el mejor discípulo de Freud [Sandor Ferenczi, Freud's best disciple] and Globalización y salud mental [Globalisation and mental health].

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