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¡Estate quieto y atiende!

Ambientes más saludables para prevenir el déficit de atención y la hiperactividad


Healthier environments to prevent attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder.

Be quiet and pay attention is the order that, directly or indirectly, adults usually give to children. The child’s necessity for spontaneous movement, so important for its development, is an obstacle for the tranquility of adults. Today, thanks to modern technology and lifestyle, we have the most sedentary and “attentive” creatures in history. On the other hand, they do not have adequate time or space to release the mental excitation and connect with their natural self-regulation capacity.
In this context, hyperactivity and attention deficit (diagnosed or simply “proclaimed”) have become two of the most frequent childhood problems.
From a preventive approach and a multidisciplinary perspective, Heike Freire analyzes in depth the social and environmental factors that underlie the proliferation of these disorders. It also offers a series of concrete guidelines that will help parents, educators and managers design spaces and develop strategies to meet the authentic needs of children and young people in family, urban and school settings. It is, in short, a decided commitment to health, well-being and children’s learning, from what the author calls green pedagogy, an approach based on understanding, respect and trust in life.


Heike Freire is licensed in Psychology and Philosophy from the University of Paris X. She is an expert in child development and educational innovation, and she is also a journalist and writer. Freire has been an advisor to the French government at the Permanent Education Institute in Paris. She is the author of the book Educar en verde (Teaching in green, translated into five languages) and regularly collaborates in magazines and newspapers of recognized prestige. She teaches conferences, seminars and workshops around the world, and advises families, schools and institutions. Activist for the rights of children, collaborates with various organizations, such as IDEN, GSIA Ecologistas en Acción or Fundación Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente. At the moment, she directs the magazine Cuadernos de Pedagogía.

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