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Diccionario Panikkariano


Raimon Panikkar (1918-2010) is considered one of the most important thinkers of our era. His immense oeuvre is internationally recognized as one of the most innovative contributions to the philosophical, theological, intercultural and interreligious discourse of the 20th century.
Panikkar’s thinking was stimulated by Christianism as well as Hinduism, Buddhism and secular traditions, fact that turns him into an important bridge of dialogue between the Occident and Orient.

The present dictionary collects the main terms and concepts of this great thinker. It will be of interest and help for the readers of the works of Panikkar. First of all because it will help to understand his complex thinking, which many times is based on his very own concepts and terminology often created in a rather ad-hoc way.

It explains terms such as ontonomy, cosmotheandric and diatopical hermeneutics among others, and contextualizes the apparently common terms which Panikkar has designated with another meaning or given a new interpretation.

Furthermore, this dictionary includes explanations of some of the fundamental concepts of Hinduism and Buddhism, which had influenced Panikkar so much and which contribute a lot to the intercultural and most of all interreligious dialogue.

The authors of this dictionary are profound experts of Raimon Panikkar, whom they knew personally as their friend and tutor. They wrote their PhD thesis about his philosophical and theological thinking, and published various texts on his oeuvre.


Victorino Pérez Prieto (Hospital de Órbigo-León, 1954) is graduated in Dogmatic Theory at the University Pontificia of Salamanca and in Philosophy at the University of Santiago. He was ordained to the priesthood and worked as a priest for 25 years. His work is focused and based on intercultural and interreligious dialogue and the mystery of God. He has worked as a professor at the university of A Coruña and Santiago de Compostela. He is currently the entitled Senior Professor at the University of San Buenaventura in Bogotá (Colombia). He has collaborated in numerous magazines and has published more than twenty books among which should be mentioned: Más allá de la fragmentación de la teología el saber y la vida: Raimon Panikkar (Beyond the fragmentation of theology, knowledge and live: Raimon Panikkar) 2008, Dios, hombre, mundo (God, man and the world) 2008, and La búsqueda de la armonía en la diversidad (In search of harmony among diversity) 2014.

José Luis Meza Rueda (Santa Marta-Colombia, 1969) earned his PhD in theology at the University Pontificia Javeriana de Bogotá with a thesis on The anthropology of Raimon Panikkar and his contribution to Christian theological anthropology (2010).
He works as a professor of the same university since 1999. His field of research has been involved in religious education, theological anthropology and interreligious issues. As a pedagogue, he has focused on the problem of transmitting moral values through education. He has written dozens of books and published numerous articles in those fields of investigation.  

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