Philosophy of the emerging world

Argumenta Philosophica Vol. 1 Art.4

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Publicación: 09/2016
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Philosophy of the emerging world
- Yves Charles Zarka

We are leaving one world and entering another. We are going through one of the most important revolutions in the history of humanity. But the revolution is still hard to detect, almost imperceptible. We know something about it, but our knowledge remains abstract; it has not yet acquired an existential dimension. The revolution is caused by human actions, but people do not know it is happening. Nobody conceived it, planned it, or wished for it, and yet the outcome depends on mankind, on our individual and collective awareness of it. The outcome of this revolution is uncertain. Where will it lead us? We do not yet know. What we do know is that humanity is at a crossroads and our destiny depends on choices we make now.

It is at this depth, that of human self-questioning about ways of being, thinking and acting, that a philosophy of the emerging world (i.e. of human beings and their world) is called for. It will be a matter of rethinking what we are, the way we consider things, the objects of our will, and also the way we produce and consume, the dramatic imbalances between different parts of the world, the rule of injustice which is getting stronger under cover of reassuring talk about global justice, the risk of transnational despotism lurking behind warm words about good governance. A philosophy of the emerging world, then, is not restricted to a particular domain; it involves all dimensions of individual, social, political and juridical existence. It is one of the most urgent tasks of our time.