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METZGER, Gerardo

Diccionario de técnicas avanzadas

Alemán-Español / Español-Alemán

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Dr. Ing. G. Metzger
High-Tech-Fachwörterbuch Deutsch-Spanisch-Deutsch
Diccionario de Técnicas Avanzadas Alemán-Español-Alemán

The task of the translator is an every-day-life fight to keep his or her knowledge up to date. It is a difficult task especially because of the fact that the translator is the first one who has to deal with the explanations, in his or her language, of the new technologies that appear.
This work accepted the challenge of selecting and setting in order the huge collected material, bringing into disposal of the collection of users material that others dictionaries do not have.
The selected vocabulary is based on one fundamental fact. That is, the normalization or regulation of the industrial development by official bodies, which also unify the language used in this field. This dictionary goes from the national normalization to the unification of the rules on an universal scale, whereas the technical dictionaries until today only took into account this intervention only in a marginal way. And this is wrong, since the fixed rule reflects the real meaning of the used denomination, and it constitutes a very exact definition, which you can easily differentiate from the technical concept of reference.
Furthermore, this terminology has the advantage that it is not replaceable, because, although the redaction of the technical rules does not adapt to the course of the
time, the term used does not change. More than a half of the vocabulary in this work comes from an attentive selection of the titles of the rules which are considered to be the most important ones. The rest of it comes from a selection of concepts taken from technical encyclopaedias, which are so modern that the normalization of the concepts have not yet been considered. For this reason, in many occasions it is necessary to give an explanation which is more characteristic of an encyclopaedia than one dictionary. Anyway, the most important thing is to capture the exact idea, which the professional can transmit in the language in which it is translated.
Between the section German-Spanish and the section Spanish-German the author has inserted one chapter that is very important for the translator. It contains the titles of the industrial rules (DIN, ISO, EN, etc.) which are more commonly used in Europe, and its equivalence in Spanish, and they are set in order by its numeration. This had never been carried out before in dictionaries, and it makes easier the translation of abbreviations.

Dr. Ing. G. Metger was born in 1924, he graduated at Universidad Industrial de Barcelona, where he received his doctorate in 1966. In 1960 he founded aninstitution of technical translation, of which he still is the president. He cultivated the engineering science of enterprises of fabrication of engines of aviation, electrometallurgy, automation, fabrication of wires and building machines. He is the author of the translations of Prontuario de Hormigón, from Alfred Hummel, and El método Cross. He translated Razón y ser de los tipos estructurales from Eduardo Torroja, doctor in Civil Engineering into German.

This work is of interest for institutions of technical translation, translators, interpreters, and students of these subjects, aswell as for enterprises that work with very advanced techniques, and specially for those who have to use the German technical terminology frequently.

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